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Cycling is an easy, fun, and an inexpensive way to get around town.

Team up with SustainMobility today to implement a low cost, low maintenance single or multi-site CycleLoan (Bike Fleet) Program for your employees.

Once set up, employees can borrow and use the bicycles for recreation and short distance travel – reducing their travel costs and helping the environment, all while getting a little fresh air.

Contact us at info@cycleloan.ca to find out more about the CycleLoan Program.


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Mississauga ON L5B 0G1

SustainMobility is a non-profit social enterprise. We work with leading communities and organizations to deliver transformative programming that inspires residents and employees to live more active and healthy life-styles. Specifically, our services and programming are focused on the intersection of health and mobility options. Our goal is to encourage behaviour change that reduces society’s transportation footprint, inspires daily physical activity, improves air quality and eases traffic congestion.


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