The forms sold commercially are carefully cultivated varieties of the B. rex species native to parts of eastern Asia.If planted in the garden (a relatively rare occurrence), rex begonia is grown as an annual in all but the warmest climates. : 25 cm Units/Colli : 8 Colli/Layer : 4 Layer/CC : 7 > 607 'King's Spirit' Begonia Rex 'King's Spirit' 12 cm Potsize: 12 cm Height appr. This fury begonia has pink stems! Rex Begonia Escargot - Begonia Rex-Cultorum You will receive 1 live plant - In 4 Starter pot I will ship USPS 2 Day Priority, Monday - Wednesday. This begonia likes a little extra humidity to do well. Rex begonias are among the flashiest of all indoor plants, adding vibrant color and interest to the indoor environment. Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description. Will do very well in a conservatory, a greenhouse, a windowsill or in a summer patio/yard container; perennial evergreen with flowers in fall; hardy in zones 10-11 The swirling variegation makes this variety instantly recognisable! Die bekanntesten Sorten im Handel sind die Begonia-Rex-Hybriden mit großen Blättern und außergewöhnlichen Zeichnungen. They're typically grown for their showy foliage, not their flowers. Array. 34 members have or want this plant for trade. This fury begonia has pink stems! p. Partial Sun. Low Maintenance. The leaves have a beautiful spiral at the point of petiole attachment. Im Winter ist es wichtig, dass für ausreichende Bodenwärme gesorgt wird. Shop online today. Begonia Rex Escargot in 4" pot. Die Begonie 'Escargot' (Begonia rex) kann bei guter Pflege bis zu 40 cm groß werden. Other common names begonia 'Escargot' . An einem halbschattigen Standort kommen ihre herzförmigen Blätter mit ihrer bunten Farbe besonders gut zur Geltung. King Begonia, Painted Begonia, Painted Leaf Begonia, Rex-cultorum Begonia 'Escargot' Begonia . The Begonia Rex cultorum is very popular. There are hundreds of cultivars of B. rex to choose among, usually classified by leaf size—small (three inches or less), medium (three to six inches), or large (more than six inches). Top-Angebote für Begonia Pflanzen, Zimmerpflanzen online entdecken bei eBay. Wanna know when the Begonia Rex Escargot is back? My Rex has done much better since I moved it from an east windowsill to a wall that’s about 10 feet away from a small south facing window. Spirals of olive-green and silver create a hypnotic pattern on the top side of each leaf, while underside is covered in a soft down of pink hairs. 20 more photos VIEW GALLERY. Wir garantieren günstige Preise und einen schnellen Versand. I think I’ll stick to stem cuttings because it’s simplest to stick them into the dirt and not have to worry with them later. One of my favourite "rex" begonias. Begonia rex hybrids are tender house plants grown for their colourful foliage which brings an exotic feel to your home. An einem halbschattigen Standort kommen ihre herzförmigen Blätter besonders gut zur Geltung.Dunkelrote Blattadern durchziehen die cremeweißen Blätter, dessen Blattrand ist rot und gewellt. Although all plants do need at least some light, this can be considered a low light plant. Begonia 'Escargot' Rex Begonia. Begonia Begonia. In durchlässigem, nährstoffreichem Substrat fühlt sich Begonia rex 'Escargot' besonders wohl. Begonia Rex Escargot is a particularly attractive variety. This is an extremely popular Rex hybrid begonia. Begonia 'Escargot', Rex begonia 'Escargot', Begonia rex 'Escargot' Genus. Rex Begonia - Red Robin - 4” Pot Begonia is a genus of perennial flowering plants in the family Begoniaceae. The foliage is striking enough to stand on its own but it’s a good mixer, too. Warmth and humidity-loving, you can grow it outdoors best in a container, when and where you have those conditions. We have roughly 50 different Begonia Rex available. t. Container. -Rita Randolph, Rex begonias, Fine Gardening issue #120. Sie bringt ab Dezember rosafarbene Blüten hervor. Standort im Sommer und Winter Diese Zimmerpflanzen mögen es sehr hell, vertragen aber keine volle Sonneneinstrahlung. SKU: bre4 Category: Plants Tags: begonia, escargot, fury, loves moisture, low light, pink, rex. Kids will love this one! Warmth and humidity-loving, you can grow it outdoors best in a container, when and where you have those conditions. Begonia is a perennial flowering plants that’s commonly grown indoors as ornamental houseplants in cooler climates or outside in warmer climates. Tweet. Some species are commonly grown indoors as ornamental houseplants in cooler climates. Perfect potted plants addition for your patio or living room. Sehr viele Blattbegonien sind wärmeliebend und möchten selbst im Winter … Because we would rather design to a plant’s strengths, we try to understand the breeding under the hood. It looks like a snail shell. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an begonia escargot an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für material & werkzeug zu finden. Crop planning from cell packs: Pot size: Plants per pot (pp) Crop Time (weeks) 6” pot (10cm) 1 pp 7 to 9 weeks 8” pot (15cm) 1 pp 10 to 11 weeks 10” to12” pot (20-25cm) – 3 pp 10 to 12 weeks. This is my first begonia Rex and it seems it should be real simple too. Begonia rex ‘Escargot’ by scottzona Buying Rex Begonia Rex Begonias are popular houseplants and you should be able to find them in most plant stores and garden centers, though keep in mind that with so many different cultivars they might not always be appropriately named. Begonia 'Escargot' bah-GO-nyah Audio ‘Escargot’ takes its name from the snail-like curl pattern at the base of the leaf. Family: Begoniaceae (be-gon-ee-AY-see-ee) Genus: Begonia (be-GON-yuh) Cultivar: Escargot: Hybridized : by McHutchinson » View all varieties of Begonias. The colors of the leave accentuates this charming leaf shape. Genus Begonia can be annuals, evergreen or deciduous perennials or shrubs, with fibrous, tuberous or rhizomatous roots and usually asymmetrical leaves, often strikingly patterned, and small or … The Begonias are native to moist subtropical and tropical climates. Begonia ‘Escargot’ is snail-like with its hand-sized, high contrast, silver and deep green variegation. For this job, we turn to the Shadow King series. Summary; Additional Details » Unique leaf curl resembles a snail » Leaves marked with bands of silver and green; Height 6 - 12 In Spread 6 - 12 In Zone 10 - 11 Categories Annual Tags Blooms all Season; Container; Low Maintenance; Partial Sun; Spring Bloomer; Average Water. Begonia Rex 'Escargot' 12 cm Potsize: 12 cm Height appr. Above: Begonia rex ‘Red Tango’ mixes well with other shade- and humidity-loving plants such as asparagus ferns and geraniums. It forms a dense clump, 12″x12″. Botanical Name: Begonia Rex-Cultorum ABOUT Begonia ‘Escargot’ is a unique rex hybrid Begonia. What's up PLANT NERDS!! Kids will love this one! Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl Forms a dense clump, 12"x12". However, picking a good Rex beyond ‘Escargot’ is a tricky affair. Use it with other foliage plants and brightly colored blooms. Base price $12.50. Leaves will maintain their dazzling color and unique patterns best when grown in bright but indirect light. The genus contains 1,795 different plant species. 3 vendors have this plant for sale. Family Begoniaceae . Rex begonia 'Escargot' Location Requirements Rex begonias are a bit demanding to grow but their incredible, vibrant leaf display is well worth the effort. Beachte auch zum Thema Unbekannte Begonie - Begonia rex 'Escargot' - Pflanzenbestimmung & Pflanzensuche - GREEN24 das Angebot in den Shops ,dort kannst du einfach online bestellen und günstig kaufen. In the northern end of their grow zone Begonia Rex Escargot plants should be brought indoors or protected with mulch during the winter months. Escargot begonias (Begonia rex) are a variety of rex begonia that produces spiral-shaped foliage that curls around at the base of the leaf. Begonia Rex Escargot – Jerzy Opioła Light. Does it grow another piece off of it like succulents do? How to Root Rex Begonia Leaves. Begonia Rex Dibs™ boast high vigor and quick crops times compared to all other Begonia Rex lines. Description. 0. ‘Escargot’ is a tender, but strong-growing rhizomatic rex hybrid Begonia. 9. As the name Begonia Rex Escargot suggests, the spiraled markings of the foliage of Begonia Rex Escargot resembles the shell of a snail. These Rex Begonias focus on the industry professional, but they are not magic bullets. Actually I just thought of one question. Variety or Cultivar 'Escargot' _ 'Escargot' is a tender, rhizomatous, clump-forming, evergreen perennial with large, spiraling, purple-flushed, silver and dark green leaves and clusters of small, pale pink flowers in autumn. Oft gibt es zu Unbekannte Begonie - Begonia rex 'Escargot' dort auch Erfahrungen oder Händler, einen Großhandel der escargot … Ask a question about this product. Begonia 'Escargot' Wow! Lets repot some plants, chat, and hang out with Winston!! In the begonia house at West Dean. Despite its exotic looks, Rex begonia is actually easy to grow. Die Begonie 'Evening Glow'® (Begonia rex) kann bei guter Pflege bis zu 40 cm groß werden. $12.50. This aggression proves itself in garden performance. Looking so snail-like with its hand-sized, high contrast, silver and deep green variegation, 'Escargot' is a tender, but strong-growing rhizomatic rex hybrid Begonia. Begonia rex ‘Escargot’ is wonderfully glamorous. Shipping includes tracking and insurance. 8. Because it's a relatively short houseplant, Rex begonia is perfect for desks and tabletops where is wildly colorful, variegated foliage makes it a perfect contrast against other houseplants. Out of stock. How can you resist such wild foliage? With that in mind, let’s dive into what makes this series tick. Begonia Rex Escargot $ 15.00. What happens to the rest of the stem? Rex begonia offers colorful foliage and is one of the most interesting indoor plants around. The Spruce / Krystal Slagle Rex begonia (Begonia rex-cultorum) is a semi-tropical perennial plant normally grown as an outdoor container plant or houseplant. 04.07.2020 - Begonia rex ‘Escargot’ might just be the perfect house plant, as it resists diseases and insects. In very cold zones a containerized Plant plant can be brought inside for the winter months. Begonia 'Escargot' is a unique rex hybrid Begonia. The leaves Begonia Rex is a popular and well-known tropical Begonia plant variety. Blooms all Season . Begonia Rex Escargot are very easy to grow indoor plants that require little care. View gallery. : 25 cm Units/Colli : 8 Colli/Layer : 4 Layer/CC : 7 > 608 'Silver Light' Begonia Rex 'Silver Light' 12 cm Potsize: 12 cm Height appr. Begonia Rex plants do not like direct light. They add a beautiful accent to any indoor space, garden or patio. In cooler climates some species are cultivated outside in summertime … Begonia Rex has many different cultivars that all present beautiful, interesting and unique foliage. Begonia 'Escargot' Other names. East windows are fine except for maybe the hottest, sunniest part of the summer.
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