Certain essential oils can be wonderful for irritated skin or sore/cracked nipples. The smell is so intense. These chemicals have so many health benefits both psychological and physical. But if you usually use it without issues then its no problem. Absolutely! These properties can inhibit inflammations and infection of every kind. The use of the herb goes back to ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations. My stomach has been sour for a couple days and I wondered if digestzen capsules are safe to take. Reviewed by doctors, medical professionals, certified nutritionists, certified aromatherapist, and certified dietitian. And sometimes we as moms can have a ton going on or not feel well ourselves and need help calming down and connection. Home » Blog » Essential Oil » 6 Essential Oils for Breast Pain: Sore or Tender Breasts and Nipples. Its just one to be careful of topically being such a hot oil topically. She said her supply has been completely gone for 3 weeks now. The beadlets are just 1/4 of a drop. How long do you think it will take for it to start working? Peppermint oil has versatile use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Some essential oils may be too harsh on breastfeeding … 1. It also helps to channel oxygen and nutrients in the breast tissues. Maybe I could take one in the morning? My midwife taught me this. Hi, I have a friend who has been breastfeeding for about the last 6 months. These properties can provide peace and comfort to the lymph nodes of the breasts. The Breastfeeding Atlas states that more research is needed to determine if silver-impregnated caps are effective for healing sore nipples but cites one small study that found positive results. She recently said her milk supply has dried up and has tried everything to get her supply back, but nothing has worked. Read More: 11 Health Benefits of Lavender Oil That You Should Know. Especially if it’s your first time nursing there can be a lot of stress and anxiousness. Contact a La Leche League Leader for help if you need further assistance to improve your sore nipples… BUT it isn’t always easy, is it? These crucial factors have effects on the health of women breasts. Lavender oil can relieve much of the symptoms of PMS, mood changes, These psychological aspects have an enormous toll on breast pain. I hope you found some calming oils to help you both through. Hopefully the peppermint didnt affect your supply. The plant belongs to Oenothera genus. Try the fennel oil too though! Thanks for this useful info. You may not be surprised, because it seems like coconut oil is … Thanks again!! It sounds like we are good to go though. The oil is a source of anti-inflammatory, sedative, analgesic, antispasmodic, and antibacterial properties. It really depends on the oil and where you want to apply it. It can relax both your mind and muscle tensions. Do not ingest essential oils while pregnant or breastfeeding. The therapeutic effects of this oil may soothe sore breasts and pain. Germanium oil: Its topical use is prevalent to soothe cracked, painful nipples during breastfeeding. Read More: 9 Coconut Oil Remedies for Vaginal, Skin, and Oral Yeast Infections, Evening Primrose Oil comes from the seeds of the evening primrose flowering plant. Particular care should be exercised with Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Oregano, and thyme, as they are some of the strongest and most caustic. I breastfed all 5 of my children and I loved that precious time with them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. [. Women between 30-50 years of age are more prone to non-cyclic pain. The pain feels like stabbing, burning, or stinging sensations inside the breasts. With that said, some of my favorite oils to use to increase milk supply are clary sage, fennel (do not use longer than 10 days at a time), basil, and geranium. Most especially, lavender … Can I use blue heat on my knee while breastfeeding my 14 week old? When using these oils topically, mix them with carrier oil and apply directly to your breast but avoid the nipple area. hope everyone feels better soon! (Learn more: 10 reasons why I choose doTERRA). Recent studies have proved the circulatory and hormonal balancing potency of peppermint oil. It can relax both your mind and muscle tensions. What to do with your empty essential oil bottles? The calming oil boosts circulation process. In the U.S.A. alone 50-70% of women suffer from breast pain. Random and weird tip: You can also use hot water in a newborn diaper to heat up the breast before combing, Apply diluted Citrus Bliss blend over the hard area to help the extra milk release. Previous studies have shown that olive oil, applied to the skin, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Don’t confuse the “essential oil” with the herb. Frankincense essential oil originates from this tree resin through steam distillation. Clary Sage is an oil known for supporting the hormonal system so it’s a great oil to use starting after birth to encourage the hormones to do what they are supposed to and kick into breastmilk production mode. Clary sage – to start production (Mama Z starts at 36-38 weeks pregnant … These properties help reduce breast pain and symptoms related to it. How many drops in a 1O ml carrier and which oil, grape seed or fractioned coconut? For example, tea tree oil contains a compound called terpinen-4-ol, which has antibacterial, antifungal, and … Massage your nipples with essential oils. Many of my favorite uses for lavender are especially great during postpartum and breastfeeding. The medicinal oil or ‘King of oils’ is a solution to hundreds of health problems that we often face. I didn’t even think about it going through my BM until now. It is one of the best essential oils for balancing female hormonal levels. But, we need more research in this field. The scented resin comes from the Boswellia sacra trees. Here are some oils you can apply to yourself to help you both find peace and calm for your time together (click here to learn about using oils on newborns and babies). Your breasts may swell, become bulky and lumpy. These psychological aspects have an enormous toll on breast pain. Doterra already has the pre-made rollers. What do you recommend for that while breastfeeding? Did I take too much to continue to BF? It can also reduce the growth of the tumor, and kill the cancer cells. If nipple pain worsens after the early days of breastfeeding your nipple pain may be due to other causes like thrush, bacterial infection, or tongue-tie. [, in the upper and outer areas of the breasts, and in the underarm regions. . Your email address will not be published. You can use any of these along with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil. Massage the oil blend on the sore breasts, on the tender, sore nipples and areola. Fibrocystic breasts or lumpy fibrous tissues, infection (mastitis), inflammation, a tear in breast muscles, pinched nerves, etc. Will breastfeed exclusively! Essential oils are the essence or concentrated forms of plant extracts. Any suggestions on getting it to start again with essential oils? [. Keep up that breastfeeding girl! Some reasons may affect the health of the breasts and cause pain, swollen breasts, and tenderness. Peppermint may help dry up your milk. My daughter is 3 weeks and I am nursing. It happens when there are hormonal changes inside the body. Lactating mothers may handle this kind of breast pain while breastfeeding. Thus, it can reduce inflammation and pain by relaxing the muscle. Hormones are responsible for many internal functions in a woman’s body. Its safe as long as its not too strong for them. Thank you so much!! The oil contains, Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects can soothe the pain and soreness of breasts. I put Onguard on my neck and behind my ears per a recommendation to help a sore throat. These lifestyle changes along with essential oil may reduce your breast pain. Clary sage oil works to balance the estrogen hormone as well. Read More: 12+ Essential Oils for Anxiety that Work (with How to Use Them). Read More: 12 Health Benefits of Peppermint Oil + (How to Use It). [, You may also have symptoms like a reddened breast with dimpled skin, nipple discharge, or lumps. The new adaptive blend is wonderful for lifting low moods, its an oil blend and a capsule. This article reviews the potential benefits and uses of essential oils for breast pain relief, including the causes, symptoms, and types of breast pain. Would it be okay to do this once a day ? Plants have three parts: the root, stem, and leaves. It is a popular choice for women to relieve hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, and other symptoms. After each feeding, squirt a cotton ball or a small piece of cloth with your vinegar solution and apply to nipple and areola. Is this going in to my milk? Now Im worried It will pass to my baby? [1], The second peak of hormonal changes comes after the menopause. It is a popular choice for women to relieve hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, and other symptoms. Clary sage oil is a potent nerve tonic. I was like that with my first few children – milk for days. Use immune supporting oils like On Guard and Oregano on the bottom of your feet (not on the breasts) to stay healthy. Oh phew. Moreover, essential oils can help flush out excess water and toxin from the body. Big hugs mama. Take what you need internally. The beadlets are only 1/4 a drop so none will make it to your milk. The oil can improve the circulation system. The oil can improve the circulation system, ease cramps, depression, insomnia, and tenderness of the breasts. These oils are gentle and great for skin support. Do you feel onguard is safe while nursing when used externally? A right way of massaging the breasts can stimulate the blood and lymphatic circulation. You can cup the breasts on the palm of your hands and apply gentle pressure. I’m lathered in past tense to try and get some relief from a two day migraine. That all seems perfectly reasonable and safe to me. But essential oils … One pertinent question is whether frankincense oil can inhibit breast cancer? Breast pain doesn’t always mean breast cancer. As long as you are using therapeutic grade essential oils from a trusted source (I get mine here), many oils can safely be used on babies, especially if you dilute. This has happened to me many, many times, especially before I had doTERRA oils in my life. Breast pain is a common health problem that women face right from their adolescence. [5]. [4], The oil has versatile uses in the food and cosmetic industries. Essential oils can have interactions with pharmaceuticals and it is accepted across the professional collective to be a great consideration when using aromatherapy as a therapeutic modality. We create high quality contents on natural health and wellness topics. The breasts may appear red and warm. Yes! Lactating mothers may handle this kind of breast pain while breastfeeding. Hi, and prepare a massage blend. Younger women usually experience the pain a few days or a week before the, The pain subsides soon after the period ends. in your diet. But I am having trouble getting her to stop. Ha! win win! Here are some suggestions of essential oils you can use diluted in a carrier oil or in the homemade nipple cream. Essential oils were such a tremendous blessing to me during that time because not only was it a stressful, trying time but my supply was very precarious. Search my site for my dilution article which may help . [, A change in lifestyle and food habits can help you relieve breast pain as well. I also made a baby roller which is 1 drop and the rest of the roller size is coconut oil according to doTERRA standards this is alright for baby. Edema is one of the reasons for breast soreness. Frankincense oil contains boswellic acids. Thanks lovely. The oil contains fatty acids that may treat non-cyclical and cyclical mastalgia or breast pain and soreness. The pain has many scientific names such as mastalgia, mammalgia, and mastodynia. The anti-depressant, sedative, and antispasmodic properties can boost your emotional health. I personally would not as its hard to wipe off and is not meant for internal consumption. Do you know of any oils that I could use throughout the day to help dry up my milk? Its great for baby and the endorphins are great for you and your stress levels too. Doctors are insisting to stop right away. The dr told me to try and flush out with tons of water and going to the bathroom every 1-2hours and wait until Monday to see before prescribing antibiotics bc I’m BF. for breast pain can soothe the discomfort, tenderness, and soreness of the breasts. Another big cause of nipple thrush is a bad latch. We know the food we eat and medicine we take internally enters the milk in a diluted form. Love may turn you on. I did give her a roller with only 3 drops Fennel filled with fractionated coconut oil, but she said it didn’t work. I would personally feel 100% safe using those oils daily while nursing. According to the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, there are 5 factors that influence the safety of an oil: 1. My baby is 12 days old and I’m exclusively BF. [7]. You may experience cyclic breast pain if you are in hormone replacement therapy. The oil contains anticonvulsive, sedative, antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. Add 5 drops of geranium oil, 5 drops of frankincense oil, and 10 drops of clary sage oil to hot shower water. If you have any of these symptoms, immediately consult your doctor. Always pull and massage the breasts upwards to soothe the pain. However, its harder to say how much ends up in the milk through the skin. Ingestion – most professional aromatherapists do not recommend recreational ingestion of essential oils … Frankincense oil is one of the most studied essential oils. Other essential oils that can help with milk production are basil, cardamom, dill, geranium, … It has a sacred connotation in religious practices from biblical times. [16]. Before using essential oils while pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your doctor. ), Apply after baby nurses so there is plenty of time for it to absorb and fade before nursing again, I ONLY recommend using doTERRA oils which we know are thoroughly tested with more tests, more often, than any other company in the world. But she is not making it easy, it’s adding to an already stressful situation. Hi!Struggling with acid reflux and wondering if it would be okay to take digestzen capsules while breastfeeding my eight month old? This oil can lower cortisol level and balance the thyroid hormone. Key Takeaway: Experts claim the efficacy of evening primrose oil for breast pain relief. Will eucalyptus oil have the same effect as peppermint oil? I took one a day while abroad and we never got sick the whole time, but I’ve seen online that it may not be safe while breastfeeding? I think the morning is a great plan. Hormonal imbalance can be a reason behind breast pain and inflammation.