Your kitten grows fast. Learning to play nice. For more ideas on how to keep your cat entertained see Keeping Your Cat … From here until his 6th birthday, he’s considered a young adult. However, it is important to have an understanding of feline society if you are to take on two or more cats successfully. I have 2 cats, one is an outdoor cat and is 12 years old, the other is an indoor cat that is 2 years old. Another way to play. A kitten's life is all about play, and play is all about prey. He’ll reach adolescence much sooner than a human child. Play is displayed starting when kittens are very young, and it’s how cats fine-tune the use of their teeth and claws and practice important life skills, such as hunting, explains Kat Miller, Ph.D, a certified applied animal behaviorist with … Many foster cats and kittens are at least a little bit sick. Hold on, cat parent, because the ride becomes wild now. Many cats like feather wands from the pet supply store, but homemade toys are often favored. Now that the kittens’ sight is fully developed, they are engaging in vigorous and exhaustive play, running around and exploring until they quite literally fall asleep right where they are. She may be ready to play, so you can furnish some toys. Playing is an important part of kitten socialization because it helps kittens bond with each other and build confidence around people. Some cats have the ability to find a balance and share their territory. After a few more days of your kitten in his room, play with him near the door, and with your cat on the other side of it. Play with kittens for at least two hours a day (all together or broken up). And should I confine them to one room at first. Take time to socialize each of the kittens in a litter individually. Often, kittens will come to your home with the cat form of pink eye, or some tummy troubles, or an upper respiratory infection. Not much is cuter than an 8- to 12-week-old kitten.From those tiny paws to her playful personality, there’s just so much to love. And if you look closely, you'll notice that you now have an itty-bitty hunter in your house. In situations where cats do not like each other in the long-term, they may still be able to co-exist in relative peace by seeking out their own space and spending most of the time on their own. But play is a crucial part of any cat’s development. Play is important for felines. After two to three days, switch their positions; put your cat in the room the kitten was in and allow him to inspect it while your kitten inspects the areas your cat frequents. How should I introduce a new cat or kitten to my existing cat? If I am going to adopt two kittens at the same time, should … From birth to about 6 months of age, your feline is officially a kitten; then, as he enters puberty, he leaves kittenhood behind. Kittens learn … Kittens start to play almost as soon as they hoist themselves up on their teeny paws. A wad of a tissue paper to bat around or a paper bag to hide in can be fun. Cats were domesticated more than 5,000 years ago, but for a long time they were used for catching mice, so their lives have never been as lazy as they are now. My younger cat usally sleeps with me. How long after I move should I keep my cats in before I let them out? If your cat stays home alone most of the day, cat laser pointers can provide key stimulation and keep them from becoming overly bored. This can be beneficial as the cats play together and provide each other with both physical and mental stimulation.