Marigold is a bright-colored summer flower, which is also known as Calendula. I have started some marigold seedlings very early as part of my horticulture course assignment. Just looks as if its been in hot sun (which it likes) but has dried out too much while it was in hot sun, so the leaves have been frazzled and have wilted. Leaf Spots Alternaria sp., Septoria tageticola. Erysiphe) cichoracearum. Marigold oedema most often strikes in late winter. They are very healthy looking, are growing under their very own grow light, and are even beginning to blossom. I thought, maybe marigolds get them too and I never noticed. The plants will seem to quit growing for about 3 weeks and then will start to grow and produce new green growth and flowers. One plant even turned a chalky white tan color and started wilting. Small regular purple dots on my marigold seedlings (Question) Dear MGs, could you please help me. A soil-borne fungus, spores can … They're a rare variety of French marigold from Uzbekistan that aren't supposed to have the 'astringent' smell of other marigolds yet are still fragrant enough to do their job. Not too shabby. 11. Fungicides are available against mildew but you must choose one that is specifically for mildew on marigolds. Powdery Mildew Golovinomyces (syn. A few days ago, the latest adventure came when I discovered that my ba... At first, I didn't think much of it. What Causes Purple Leaves? Around the edges of my vegetable garden, I planted marigolds and globe amaranth. A. Yardner's Advisor Newsletter provides information just for plants in your yard! Alternaria: Avoid overhead irrigation. Tagetes, yes, commonly known as French Marigold. Answer Save. We got the soil (3 cubic yards) delivered from a local farm - it is the "topsoil mix," which is a mixture of topsoil and leaf compost. How do you recognise a nitrogen deficiency? Phosphorus is a nutrient essential for plant growth that is particularly important for rooting, flowering, and fruiting. Ask Nancy > Marigold Leaves Are Purple And Curling Up. This has happened whenever and whatever garden I've planted either French or African style marigolds: within a day or two the leaves start turning purple, sometimes a lot, sometimes a bit. Marigold plant diseases are relatively easy to diagnose and treat, however. A lot of articles came up. The leaves of my marigolds are turning purple it look like it's infected. marigold seedlings have purple dots on leaves. Do you deadhead Marigolds? Mario Savio. why is that happening? Lv 6. Verticillium wilt is a fungal disease that results in the wilting of leaves of marigolds as well as chrysanthemums and dahlias. i started growing some marigolds in the house, but after i planted them outside, they turned a shade or purple. Here is a picture: Imgur This is our first year in this house, and we recently built four 3'x6', 16" high raised beds. Bacterial Leaf Spot: Small (2-5 mm) circular dead spots form on leaves and petioles. While too little will lead to poorly … Favorite Answer . Marigolds bloom longer and more profusely if the old blooms are removed to prevent the plants from going to seed. If you notice holes or chewed edges on your marigold's leaves, you may have a problem with foliage-eating caterpillars. This is not a gardening blog, per se, but a blog about clean eating and healthy choices. 8 comments. That means that next year, add phosphorous prior to planting. I wouldn't worry about the color. 1 decade ago. Keep covering them when it goes below 40. But when I went out to check on the garden one morning, the leaves of my marigolds and globe amaranth had turned a dreadful shade of dark purple! Blooms turn greenish. Can't tell what size pot they're in, maybe they need more root room or need to be planted into the ground. Branch tips and leaflets may wilt, which inhibits blooming. I planted the tomatoes and the marigolds about a week ago. by | Sep 15, 2020 | Sin categoría | 0 comments. Sometimes they pull out of it, sometimes not. Marigolds take the cold pretty well. My marigolds leaves are turning purple. The same goes for its fruits. It is most commonly found near ponds, shores, quiet waters, springs, ditches, in streams, wet meadows, wetlands, and sometimes even underwater. The most prevalent diseases are fungal and affect stems, leaves, and roots. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post. 93% Upvoted. The leaves turn yellow and fall prematurely and the plant will weaken and die. Marigold > Leaves > Leaves discolored white, yellow or pale green. My Marigolds Have White Mold on Them. Dwarf types of marigolds tend to be injured more severely than taller ones. The excess water then builds up in the plant causing small, swollen blisters on marigold leaves and flowers.